Corporate Leadership Coaching and Mentoring

The virtual live workshops and in-person corporate training programs are designed to engage the beginners, emerging, and senior team members to learn, live, and deliver leadership with excellence.

Our coaching and mentoring process to grow high-performing team members is rooted on the following values and principles.

Having the Right Intention with the

best interest of the other person in mind.

Empathetic nature of thoughts towards themselves, their family and others in the community.

Aspiration to serve and build trusted relationships.

Determination to realize their full potential.

Virtual Live Workshops

  • Self-Awareness

    DURATION: 2 Hours

    We are living in a competency-driven, relationship-based economy. A person’s inherent nature and ulterior motive plays a crucial role in defining their well-being and career success.

  • Ownership Thinking

    DURATION: 2  Hours

    Quality and care towards executing your job responsibilities starts with a simple foundational thought process of Ownership Thinking. Bottom line, you are the one who can truly certify and take pride in the work you deliver.

  • Fostering Organizational Culture – Fixed vs Growth Mindset

    DURATION: 2 Hours

    Think forward! Think solutions! is an indispensable growth thinking pattern that can add significant value to every single interaction that you have either with yourself or anyone at your workplace. It all starts with a Growth and Service Mindset. 

  • Let us Explore and Adapt to hire the Best Employee

    DURATION: 7 Hours

    ‘Let us Explore and Adapt to hire the best employee’ workshop is a simple and meaningful journey that participants experience for seven (7) hours, to develop and enhance their abilities in hiring good talent for the organization.

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