Let us Explore and Adapt to hire the Best Employee


The objective of the workshop is two-fold:

a.) Mentor the Interview panel to develop their ability to assess and identify the right candidate(s) for the organization.

a.) Coach the interview panel (Talent Acquisition, Team leads, Project Managers and HR) to develop appropriate Interview    etiquette, and proven practices to hire the best.

The total duration of the workshop is approximately seven (7) hours.

Talent Sculptors’ believes that people who are part of the Interview panel should possess the right leadership skills to identify and hire potential talent. Identifying the right talent starts with the Interviewer. ‘Let us Explore and Adapt to hire the best employee’ workshop is a simple and meaningful journey that participants experience for seven (7) hours, to develop and enhance their abilities in hiring good talent for the organization.

The objective of the Workshop:

Workshop Path:

The workshop is structured to mentor the Interview panel with the following topics, in chronological order.


Topic Names

Duration(In minutes)








Ownership Thinking

Pre and Post Interview

Interview Etiquette

Hiring and keeping the best

Mock Interview session







Journey of the workshop:

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Self Awareness:

To recognize talent in others, the Interviewer should possess the ability to recognize and understand behavior, emotions in themselves and others, and use this ability to assess the Interviewees.

Learn about self-awareness using:

  • Johari Window

  • Transactional Analysis

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Ownership Thinking:

  • Understand the business and how it makes money

  • Accountability

  • Profit – Create wealth to nurture opportunities

  • True self-esteem + Work Ethic + Daily Performance = Growth


Organizational Culture/Purpose:

  • How do you perceive the relationship with another ‘Human Being”?

  • Deeply care for others (colleagues and customers)

  • Fun

  • High-performance expectations

  • Help people to grow to greater heights


Interview Etiquette:

  • Conduct yourself in the right way to expose the organizational culture

  • Create a unique brand

  • Treat interview as an “Exploratory Conversation” to understand others abilities and will-do attitude

  • Step up beyond the call of duty to have as many “Exploratory Conversations” as you need to have - till you find the best candidate to do the job.

Teaching Methodology:

Talent Sculptors leverages Instructor based classroom training model to train the participants.

Talent Sculptors employs a combination of different learning techniques for content delivery:

Use of stories

Role plays

Scenario-based Learning


These learning techniques give a holistic understanding of Interviewee assessing techniques.

  • Talent Sculptors’ recommends to limit the class size to 15 participants.