We are living in a competency-driven, relationship-based economy. A person’s inherent nature and ulterior motive plays a crucial role in defining their well-being and career success. For an individual to understand their own nature (in relationship with others), the first step is to have an insight into their own self.

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  1. Importance of being self-aware.

  2. Why do we need to be self-aware?

  3. Helps you to understand yourself better – in relationship with others.

  4. Applying the simple age-old frameworks to enable self-awareness.

    • Johari Window -  created by Joseph Luft and Harry Ingham in 1955

    • Transaction Analysis - created  by Eric Berne in 1958

  5. Assists you to grow personally and professionally.

  6. Shows you a path to establish a trusted working relationship with team members.

  7. Relate the importance of your personal growth towards organizational growth.

  8. Sets you on a path to walk towards delivery excellence.

  9. Enhances your capability as a team player.

What you'll learn


The knowledge and practical experience will serve as a first step to bring the openness to start your personal and career growth journey. Provides you with an exceptionally good insight into building and establishing trusted working relationships with other team members. 

How you'll benefit