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As an organization, we have collective exposure and experience of well over three (3) decades in delivering IT projects from onsite and offshore. We truly understand the challenges, the demands, and the limitations of rapidly growing IT organizations in delivering profitable IT software projects. We also understand that Clients are continuously seeking partners and exploring newer ways to execute software projects within budget and schedule without sacrificing high-quality deliverables. 

Know your Partner

IT organizations that are in the growth phase are continuously seeking to hire better and fresh talent to deliver projects at a lower cost to the company while placing a high emphasis on quality. Freshers who are well-trained with basic professional skills, good coding discipline and 21st Century Fluencies are a great choice to augment the existing organizations' talent pool and project teams.


Bottom line, IT Organizations are looking for better ROI (Return on Investment) when hiring Freshers.

Talent Sculptors Perspective

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Next Step

Upon receiving your request, one of our representatives will work with you to get additional details to get a better understanding of your Fresher/s need. Once we understand your need, the right Fresher will be presented to your HR for screening purposes.

Based on your comfort level and satisfaction of Fresher/s performance in the in-person interview, you could either offer the job to the Fresher or request for an alternative Fresher.

 We are looking forward to partner with you to make a difference in your Fresher ROI.

The program is well rounded and structured with formative assessments for students to learn and apply their learnings practically. By undergoing this program, the Freshers’ are enabled to become well-rounded Agile software professionals and prepared to jump-start their IT professional career.


    As a growing organization, expect higher ROI from Freshers.


Why Talent Sculptors?

Talent Sculptors holistic three (3) month intensive STRIDE program mentors Freshers with the most sought out technology skills and the required 21st century fluencies to jump-start a Freshers’ IT career.

With the smaller class size of fifteen (15) students and Talent Sculptors’ formative assessment techniques, Freshers get individualized attention to match their technology learning techniques. 

Talent Sculptors transparent assessment criteria enable the Freshers’ to learn their strengths and improvement opportunities. The formative assessments that are conducted on a daily basis enable the Freshers’ to measure themselves and correct the course of action immediately. The following curriculum provides Freshers with the right exposure, experience, and ownership to yield better ROI for the employers.

Our Students are mentored on

Technology Skills

  • Solid foundation on logic and computational thinking

  • Robust understanding to leverage data structures and 

  • algorithms to deliver professional software code

  • Good understanding of Object-Oriented concepts

  • Introduction to Programming in Java

  • Ability to work as a front-end developer, leveraging the following programming languages(HTML5, CSS, JQuery, AngularJS)

  • Exposure to database and writing SQL code

  • Agile project management methodology and how to leverage it for project execution

Industry Skills

  • Code discipline and strong programming fundamentals

  • Exposure to coding standards and guidelines 

  • Personal accountability towards work 

  • Workplace etiquette

  • Presentation Skills

  • Critical Thinking 

  • Communication

  • Creativity 

  • Collaboration

21st Century Fluencies

If you are willing to give us an opportunity, we will make an honest attempt to not disappoint you.


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