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Why do we need to Build a sense of Pride and Purpose?

Sense of purpose and belongingness is a win-win situation for both- the organization and the employee. A purpose-driven mindset helps the employees with their performance and they are more likely to be engaged with greater directionality, intention and higher levels of job satisfaction. A sense of purpose eventually drives our actions, the leadership initiatives can prove to be more effective when each member feels valuable and valued. 


1. What does it mean to build a sense of pride and purpose within the team.

2. How does nurturing a sense of pride and purpose impact productivity, engagement and job satisfaction levels?

3. Appreciate the role of purpose and engagement using:

  •  Collaborative leadership Model

  • Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs

4. Learn  to contribute towards establishing trusted working relationships with team members

5. Value alignment of  Personal growth with vision organization

6. To Encourage collaboration and support within your team and other  teams

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What you'll learn


As a leader, this program will help you to create greater work engagement that leads to higher productivity. Create a work culture that helps each team member thrive with a feeling of being valued and significant. The ability to build a sense of belongingness and trust is a prerequisite to good leadership. In the larger interest of the organization, measure your sense of purpose and engagement towards the work you do and the contribution of others.

How would you benefit

How will the organization benefit

  1. Increasingly people seek their purpose through work, as an organization we can share their purpose and align them to ours.

  2. Build interconnected and closer teams that understand how their work impacts and influences other teams across the organization

  3. A more engaged workforce

  4. A feeling of trust towards leaders

  5. Increased employee loyalty

  6. Encourage leadership at various levels