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Technology Skills

21st Century Fluencies 

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3 Months Intensive Training Program


Technology Skills 

Industry Skills

21st Century Fluencies

As a Fresher, aspiring to get into an IT career, you will learn the essential Technology skills, 21st Century Fluencies, Industry followed project management practices to enable and maximize your individual potential. 

This program gives you the necessary skills to jump-start your Information Technology (IT) career.

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One on One Mentorship

Timings: 9:00 a.m to 6:00 p.m

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Duration: 3 Months


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in 3 Months


Technology Skills


Building Blocks

  • Understanding Software Development Life Cycle
  • Programming using Core Java
  • Proficiency in OOPS Concepts
  • Creating a desktop application(Real-time) using Java



  • Understanding database architecture
  • Proficiency in PL/SQL


Web Application Development

  • Deep understanding of Web development tools

  • Web development technologies: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JSP, Servlets, Angular, Spring, Hibernate, JQuery, JSON, Bootstrap 

  • Understanding web servers, Protocols, and Cloud Computing

  • Creating a web application(Website-Real time) using all learned technologies 



Industry Fluencies

  • Practicing clean, efficient readable Code
  • Introduction to Agile Software development cycle
  • Hands-on source control system- Github
  • Introduction to Unit Testing


Data Science and Machine learning

  • Programming in Python 
  • Introduction to Machine Learning and Algorithms 
  • Developing Machine Learning solutions for day to day problems


Mobile Application Development

  • Introduction to Android Mobile App Development
  • Introduction to the basics of graphics and multimedia support in Android
  • Develop a Mobile App using Android Studio and SDK

21st Century Fluencies

"Remember you are competing for IT Jobs at Global level"

Critical Thinking

The ability to make decisions, solve problems, and take action as appropriate

What do we mean when we say Fluencies? If we take a look at the etymology (the study the origin of words) of the word Fluent comes from the Latin word of fluentum, which means to be relaxed and flowing. The following 21st Century Fluencies are essential and have to become second nature for one to be successful in their career.


The ability to see what’s not there and make something happen.


The ability to effectively produce and transmit your ideas both in written and oral formats



The ability to work effectively with others, including those from diverse groups and with opposing points of view

Will I get a Job?

Talent Sculptors offers 100% assured Placement assistance with their partnering IT Companies

Talent Sculptors enhances your abilities to help you earn your IT Job

Talent Sculptors leverages Formative assessment criteria on a daily basis to get a good insight into Student's learning, involvement and grasping abilities

What is a Formative assessment?

Assessment—a term used to cover all the various methods by which student achievement can be evaluated. Assessment instruments may include tests, examinations, extended practical work, projects, portfolios, and oral work, some carried out over a prolonged period and sometimes marked by the student’s teacher.

Formative Assessment is aimed at identifying the learning needs of students and forming part of the learning process itself.



Fee Structure

The one-time fee for the three(3) month course is Rs. 32,000/-


Payment options:

Option 1: Rs.32,000/- as a single transaction

Option 2: Two installments of Rs. 16,000/- each

Mode of payment: Cheque/DD/Online-Transfer(Net Banking)

(Note:- Bank account details will be provided to the student during the registration process)


How to Apply?

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