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Full Stack Developer - Job Readiness Program



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Full Stack Developer - Job Readiness Program


Technology Skills 

Industry Skills

21st Century Fluencies

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As a Fresher, aspiring to get into an IT career, you will learn the essential Technology skills, 21st Century Fluencies, Industry followed project management practices to enable and maximize your individual potential. 

This program gives you the necessary skills to jump-start your Information Technology (IT) career.

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Attend Classes Online

Timings: 9:00 a.m to 3:00 p.m

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One on One Mentorship

Duration: 3 Months


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Develop your own


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Get Job-Ready

in 3 Months

Weekly Learning Curriculum 

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Building Blocks

  • Understanding Software Development Life Cycle

  • Algorithms /DFD /Flow Charts

  • Foundation in Data structures 

  • OOPS Concepts 

Industry Skills: 

  • Practicing clean, efficient readable Code

  • Practical implementation of OOPS concept in software Industry


21st Century Fluencies: 

  • Introduction to Timesheet and Icebreaker Activity

  • Introduction to Growth Chart & English Assessment

  • Collaboration activity 

  • Personal Hygiene 

  • Introduction to Stand points 



Basics Of programming

  • First program in Java ,Variables ,Data types ,main() method 

  • Condition Checking and Loops 

  • Hands on Programming practice on loops and condition checking

  • OOPs Concepts  in Java


Industry Skills: 

  • Understanding Trello Board 

  • What is version Control and its necessity

21st Century Fluencies: 

  • Communication Activity 

  • Building blocks (Verbs and Sentence Structure) 

  • Think in English 

  • Fixed Vs Growth Mindset

  • Introduction to Tenses

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OOPS with Java:

  • Inheritance

  • interfaces, implements keyword

  • Polymorphism in Java (Overriding, Overloading)

  • Collections interface (Set / List/Map)

  • Map, Iterator 

Industry Skills

  • Usage of GitHub

  • Usage of Push and Pull 


21st Century Fluencies: 

  • Introduction to Presentation Skills

  • Different types of Presentation

  • Advanced verbs and tenses

  • Telephone etiquette

  • Collaboration Activity (enhances creative thinking)

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Java 8 - Advanced Features

  • Exception handling 

  • Threads

  • File I/O

  • JDBC /Simple Desktop Project handling CRUD operations

  • Java 8 - New Features 


Industry Skills: 

  • Introduction to HackerRank


21st Century Fluencies: 

  • First Presentation session

  • Common Errors in English

  • Active Listening  

  • Introduction to pronunciation

  • Speaking and writing activities (Includes language and

       thinking skills)

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Backend Technologies

  • Concepts, Normalization, Codd’s rule, ER Diagrams, Basic SQL select statements 

  • Joins,  Functions, DDL, DML, TCL, DCL 

  •  Constraints, Restricting & Sorting data

  • Single row, Group function, Analytical  functions

  • Set Operators, Views, Subqueries, sequence


Industry Skills: 

  • Practical Usage of Database handling 

21st Century Fluencies: 

  • Perceptions based creative thinking activity

  • Introduction to Could, would, should (Modal Verbs)

  • Practice - Modal Verbs

  • Voice & Tone ( Effective Communication)

  • Neutralize your Accent (Workshop)

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Web - Development

  • Introduction to Agile methodology

  • Introduction to HTML Tags, Use tools like VSCode

  • Lists, form, marquee, Textarea, Local and Session Storage

  • CSS background, Color-table, borders margins 

Industry Skills: 

  • Agile Methodology

  • SCRUM Framework

  • Practicing SCRUM Framework


21st Century Fluencies: 

  • Self Leadership based collaboration activity 

  • Punctuation workshop

  • Written Practice - Grammar and punctuation

  • Work ethics and its Importance

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Client-Side Methodologies - JavaScript 

  • Creating responsive web sites

  • Document Objects, Browser Objects

  • Validations 

  • Dynamic drop boxes, complete validation for the registration page

  • Introduction, Usage


Industry Skills: 

  • Responsive website - Need of the time


21st Century Fluencies: 

  • Introduction to Email writing 

  • Scenario-based Email written practice - Basic & Advanced Workshop

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Frontend Frameworks - Angular 

  • Introduction, Environment setup, Project setup, components

  • Modules, Event Binding

  • Templates, Directives

  • Pipes, Routing

  • Forms / Animations

Industry Skills: 

  • Introduction to UX / UI

  • Practice UX / UI wireframes


21st Century Fluencies: 

  • Teamwork based Collaboration Activity 

  • Simulation of Client Mock calls

  • Self Awareness

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Backend Frameworks - Node JS

  • Introduction, Environment Setup, First app, Modules

  • HTTP Module, File System, Events

  • Web Module, Node.js Data Access

  • Angular and Node js integration

Industry Skills: 

  • Practicing clean, efficient readable Code

21st Century Fluencies: 

  • Meeting etiquettes

  • Service provider - Client mindset Practices

  • Scenario-based role plays for decision making

  • Workplace Gossip - Understand how it could potentially hurt your career?

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MVC with Hibernate

  • Introduction to JSP , understanding doGet() and doPost()

  • Session Handling in JSP

  • Introduction to Servlets , understanding doGet() and doPost()

  • Understand Model - View -Controller with Hibernate Need of the framework, When and why to use Hibernate

  • HQL, database mapping with hibernate

  • Complete Example 


Industry Skills

  • Introduction to Different IT - Work Environments(Test and Production)

  • Introduction to Client Confidentiality


21st Century Fluencies: 

  • Practice and present self-created presentation

  • Scenario based Email practice

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Spring MVC

  • Introduction, IOC, Bean

  • Dependency Injection, 

  • Annotations, event handling

  • Spring JDBC


Industry Skills: 

  • Practicing clean, efficient readable Code


21st Century Fluencies: 

  • How to Succeed in Interviews Workshop ( 4 days)

  • Placement tests - Aptitude Workshop

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Capstone Project

  • Real-time web application

  • Implementation of all the concepts learned 

  • Working with Agile methodologies and following MVC pattern 


Industry Skills: 

  • Connect with Industry Mentors


21st Century Fluencies: 

  • Aptitude practice

  • Mock Interviews

Technology skills

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Tech_Warriors Batch

Will i get a job

Will I get a Job?


Talent Sculptors offers 100% assured Placement assistance with their partnering IT Companies


Talent Sculptors enhances your abilities to help you earn your IT Job

Talent Sculptors leverages Formative assessment criteria on a daily basis to get a good insight into Student's learning, involvement and grasping abilities

What is a Formative assessment?

Assessment—a term used to cover all the various methods by which student achievement can be evaluated. Assessment instruments may include tests, examinations, extended practical work, projects, portfolios, and oral work, some carried out over a prolonged period and sometimes marked by the student’s teacher.

Formative Assessment is aimed at identifying the learning needs of students and forming part of the learning process itself.


Fee structure

Fee Structure

The one-time fee for the three(3) month course is Rs. 38,500/-


Payment options:

Option 1: Rs.38,500/- as a single transaction

Option 2: Two installments of Rs. 19,250/- each

Mode of payment: Cheque/DD/Online-Transfer(Net Banking)

(Note:- Bank account details will be provided to the student during the registration process)


How to apply

How to Apply?


Give us a Call at

+91 7550183044

+91 9944333181

+91 9500031830


Reach us at

No.3, Vallal Kumanan

Street, Baghirathi Nagar,

Puzhuthivakkam, Chennai


Mail us at 


Enroll in our next batch, view the enrollment form, click the button to access it-



FAQ'S Section


Q. What is the eligibility criteria to join the course?

A. (Any field) | BE /B.Tech in Mechanical, Electrical | 

B.E/BTech in CSE/IT | B.C.A | M.C.A, M.Tech, M.B.A, M.Sc and preferably no backlogs 


Q. What are Institute timings?

A. Morning 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.(In house training)

    Batch Timings: Mon - Sat - Daily 5hrs (Online)


Q. Will mentors be available or reachable only during class hours? Also will they be available to help us while practicing programming?.

A. You will be treated like our own family. We will be available via whatsapp and call for further clarifications apart from the daily session time. 


Q. What are the skills/technologies I am going to learn?

A. Stride is divided into three (3) parts: 

a. Technology - Oops concept, Java, HTML, CSS, SQL, Angular, Database, Spring, Hibernate, JSP, JSON, Jquery, Bootstrap, Algorithms, Introduction of Python

b. 21st Century Fluencies - Creativity, Critical Thinking, Communication, Collaboration.

c.  Industry Skills - Agile training, Github, Bitbucket.


Q. Is it possible to learn all the information mentioned in the courses within 90 days?

A. Yes, definitely you could complete it in three (3) months. We have successfully practiced this with the last 12 batches.


Q. When will I be eligible for interviews (after completion of the course / mid of the course)?

A. After completing the course with us, which is three (3) months.


Q. How could we improve our communication skills and speak English fluently?

A. We have a strong mentor team that brings in real-time experience from the IT Industry. The 21st Century Fluencies syllabus is completely designed by them. We help students right from the beginners’ level. We help you learn and practice the language skills through Activities, Worksheets, and fun-filled role play.


Q. Do you conduct Industrial Tours?

A. We do arrange Industrial tours with our tie up  IT Organizations to practically experience the work environment. We also take our trainees to visit the American centre (Cathedral Road, Chennai) to experience different cultural work environments


Q. As a beginner or a student from an Non-IT background, will I be able to code? Also will I be able to develop a web application within the training period?

A. Our mentors will patiently teach you all the concepts as many times as you need. However it totally depends on your Interest. If you are 100% focused and bring in undivided attention, you will definitely develop interest and make a difference.


Q. How many interviews can I attend?

A.  Based on your performance we will refer you to the best fit roles and this involves a minimum of 2 interviews. 


Q. Will you arrange interviews even after months from  completing the training?

A. Yes, If you work patiently with us till you get a job we will keep introducing you to new opportunities.


Q. Will you arrange interviews only on the technologies that have been taught to me? 

A. No, we are open to guide the trainees to win a job in their field of interest keeping their capabilities in mind.  


Q. Should I be worried about the number of interview opportunities that I will be getting due to my career gap? 

A. A gap is definitely something that is noted by the recruiters however we believe there are many organizations which have keen eyes for deserving talent. During the last three (3) years almost each batch we had at least one (1) person who had a career gap and yet won a job.  


Q. Do you provide job assurance?

A. If the candidate brings in diligence and patiently works with us we will go above and beyond to help them win a job. 


Q. Can I pay the fees in installments? 

A. We encourage you to make the complete payment in one go, however, we do consider two (2) installments depending on the trainee's financial challenges.


Q. I feel the fee amount is high?
A. Any product that you purchase involves a price. We humbly request you to do market research to understand that our charges are very economical. Our quality deliverables have helped many young minds to earn a job and a career for themselves.


Do visit our Success Stories to see our trainee's transformation.

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