Everyone gets a little nervous speaking and presenting in front of a crowd intelligently. However knowing how to organise  your thoughts and to engage your audience helps you to leave a lasting impression.  

This workshop will help you learn to make effective presentations. You will learn how to organise your content and How to speak so that people will listen.  

Come join us for a very interactive fun workshop. You will also gain experience and feedback to improve your skills by presenting to the workshop group and to Talent Sculptors mentors.

Visual Storytelling - Presentation Skills

Workshop Synopsis

What you will learn each day 

Who can register?

  • Students who are in the 3rd or Final Year.

  • Interns and Freshers who have just earned their job.  

  • Entry-level candidates who are looking for a job change

  • Students who are interested to develop their Presentation and Public Speaking skills

When is the Workshop

Please fill-up the form at the last (end) of this page. 

We will contact you once the registrations open.

What do I need to bring?

Commitment, dedication to learn with 100% attendance

How is the workshop conducted?

Live Instructor-led sessions through Skype or Zoom(Not recorded videos). 

Activities and worksheets through Google Classrooms

Introduction to the workshop

This 5 Day Workshop will help you to communicate your vision or story to the audience, confidently.

Learn the easiest ways to reduce anxiety and nervousness and to be 100% prepared.


  • Learn How To Shape Your Ideas Through Well Defined Narratives

  1. Structuring your thoughts

  2. Bring awareness to oneself

  3. Use our worksheets to record your research


  • Identify, Understand, and Engage Your Audience​

  1. Techniques to connect with your audiences to leave a lasting impression

  2. Understanding your voice and voice modulation.

  3. Learn the right body language and hand gestures.


  • Narrating Your Story​

  1. Learn to narrate confidently

  2. Learn to overcome stress, anxiety, and nervousness 

  3. Learn to overcome the fear of public speaking

  4. Tips and techniques on breath control, anxiety management


  • Share Your Story With The World

  1. Learn to handle the different mediums (Online or In-person)

  2. Measures to keep in mind while using different mediums


  • Creating an impressive presentation

  1. Learn how to create an actual PowerPoint Presentation

  2. Tips to keep your presentation lively


  • Real time Performances and Presentation

  1. Actual Presentation to the members of Talent Sculptors.

Conducted by:

Cyinthiya Dominic - 21st Century Fluencies Mentor

To learn more about our Mentors, please click here

Workshop Cost - Rs. 500/-

Note: - For effective learning, we accommodate only 15 participants per workshop.

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