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Framework for Personal and Career Growth

Dear Vibrant Young Mind,

We trust your family and you are safe.

As fresh graduates, you all admire successful people and aspire to become one.

Have you ever thought about how they also started from where you are now?

Firstly, as you make progress in your career, make an honest attempt to create your own set of guidelines, principles, values and goals that can challenge you to elevate your original thinking capacity. Create your own supporting structure that can guide you to realize your full potential. In other words, develop your own framework for personal and career growth.

Secondly, focus on the two key components - ‘Growth Mindset’ and ‘Trusted Working relationships’. This lays a foundation for you to stay happy and be successful. Growth mindset is all about looking inward and finding opportunities to learn and improve yourself every single day. Step up and develop the passion to stretch yourself to achieve more.

Lastly, be mindful; this is a knowledge-driven, relationship-based economy. Developing and nurturing trusted working relationships, along with a growth mindset, play a crucial role in growing yourself, and your organization. Remember! The first step towards building a trusted working relationship with your team members is to execute your job responsibilities with diligence and true care.

Now that you have a picture of what to keep in mind, here is a simple framework that you could apply.

Stay Safe!

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