5 memorable UX tips

Updated: Apr 25, 2019

Dear fellow UX community,

Hope you all are busy in creating amazing experiences for the people out there, one of the most important aspects of user experience that I have learned over a period of time is to keep working towards the purpose of solving real-life problems for the user and creating an impeccable and simplified experience.

I have compiled a list of 5 memorable UX tips that would help you create an amazing experience for the user:

1) Think holistically: Make sure that your project has a predefined process where we have to make sure that everything is in the perfect place. By having a holistic look at our projects, we would be able to expand our outlook and look for possibilities that can be really efficient for the user. This would enhance their experience as well.

2) Look closer: Trust me, there is no time lost in making things perfect. As a matter of fact, a user will never just look at the page, they will scan it entirely. We have to be prepared for it. Take a good - deep look into your design, check for those misalignments, see where we have gone wrong and what is not working. Ensure the page is especially free of typos and grammatical mistakes.

3) Thinking critically - solve the problem: Never look for obvious problems. Figure out the invisible ones, that can help ease the experience. The invisible problems are silly things lying around our frames (designed elements) hoping to escape our eyesight and waiting for us to commit a mistake that can cost us a user.

4) Bring in minimalism: All great designs share a trait of minimalism, however, if we bring in minimalism and reduce the time for the user, it can work wonders. There is always one button that can be removed in order to reach the target area or there is always a way to make the frame more compact. A lesser time or fewer clicks to reach the end goal always enhances the user’s experience.

5) Use UX brain everywhere: Try to bring your UX brain in daily life activities and routine. For example: When I travel by bus, I spend time thinking about a better mechanism that would ease certain inadequacies that exist. Like, the roof handle could be designed in such a way that it is more stable, does not move and could bear the weight of an average human.

By bringing the habit of solving daily life problems, we can enrich our knowledge of easing the experience for the people.

In conclusion, these 5 tips lay the strong foundation of a great UX experience that can really connect with the user. After all, it is really about creating an impeccable and simplified experience.

Happy Learning! Happy Growing!

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