Learn the guidelines to clear the e-mail writing assessment test in your interviews.

Just as you move from the glorious Student tag to a Professional Employee tag. One aspect that schools or colleges fail to prepare us is to Write professional Emails. 


But being a Student or a working professional, it is always good to gain a deeper understanding of what is expected at the workplace. Good Email writing ability helps you to send your message across without much hesitation and helps you to get faster response. 


Learn right from the basic elements in an email to master the skill of in Email writing in just 5 days. 

Are you ready?

At the end of this course, you will be a more confident writer, able to create higher quality professional emails more quickly.

Workshop Synopsis

What you will learn each day 

Who can register?

  • Students who are in the 3rd or Final Year.

  • Interns and Freshers who have just earned their job.  

  • Entry level candidates who are looking for a job change

When is the Workshop

Please fill-up the form at the last (end) of this page, we will contact you

once the registration opens.

What do I need to bring?

Commitment, dedication to learn with 100% attendance

How is the workshop conducted?

Live Instructor-led sessions through Skype or Zoom(Not recorded videos). 

Activities and worksheets through Google Classrooms

Introduction to the workshop

This 5 Day Workshop will help you to start drafting professional emails, gain good knowledge of the elements in an email compose window and how to think from the receiver’s perspective. At the end of this workshop you will be able to write professional emails clearly with a better perspective.


  • Email Writing Structure And Basic Elements

  1. Understanding the basic elements while composing an Email

  2. Discovering the Purpose

  3. Organizing your ideas


  • Identify Your Audience​

  1. Learn to understand your audience and their perspective

  2. Scenario based google classroom activity on Introduction and Announcement Emails


  • Start And End Your Email Memorably​

  1. How to tell and adapt your story

  2. Scenario-based google classroom activity on Influence and Follow-up Emails


  • Writing Style and Tone​

  1. Learn to apply the right choice of words

  2. Scenario based google classroom activity on  High Impact and Apology Emails


  • Review cultural effects on all your email writing​

  1. Learn to distinguish different ways people communicate  

  2. Learn to apply your communication channel wisely

  3. Bringing awareness to commonly made mistakes

Conducted by:

Cyinthiya Dominic - 21st Century Fluencies Mentor

To learn more about our Mentors, please click here

Workshop Cost - Rs. 500/-

Note: - For effective learning, we accommodate only 15 participants per workshop.

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