This course will help you to understand the basics and advanced features of Core Java.

Learn Core Java Programming using Eclipse IDE, do object-oriented programming, and connect to the database using MYSQL. 

Learn A-B-C of Programming with Core Java

Course Synopsis

What do I need to bring?

Commitment, dedication to learn with 100% attendance

How are the Classes conducted?

Live Instructor-led sessions through Skype or Zoom(Not recorded videos). 

Activities and worksheets through Google Classrooms

When is the Course being conducted?

Please fill up the Enquiry Form at the end of this web-page. 

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What is the duration of the course?

Forty-Eight (48) Hours  

Course Curriculum


Getting Started with Java

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  • Introduction to OOPS Concepts

  • Difference between procedural and Object-Oriented


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  • Introduction and features of Java

  • Understanding JDK, JRE, JVM

  • Learn Datatypes, Operators and Keywords

  • Control Statements and it's various categories

String Operations

Object-Oriented Programming

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  • String Operation and Packages

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  • Defining classes, variables, and methods

  • Creating an object method calls via object references

  • Constructor and initialization code block

  • Abstract Class and Interfaces

  • Encapsulation and Polymorphism

  • Inheritance and its types

Exception Handling and Input/Output 


I/O Operations

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  • Checked and Un-Checked Exceptions

  • Keywords in Exception

  • In-built and User Defined Exceptions

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  • Learn classes for Input and Output

  • Reading and Writing to a file

  • Reading User Input from Console

Working with Data Structure


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  • Understanding Array vs Collection

  • Hierarchy of Collection Framework

  • List, Set, and Queue Interfaces and Implementation


  • Map and Implementation Classes

  • Generics for Collection 

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  • Understanding the Life-Cycle of Thread

  • Creating a Thread by inheriting and implementing

  • Learn various methods of Thread Class

  • Working with Synchronization method

Basics of SQL


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  • DDL, DML Statements

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  • JDBC Drivers and Architecture

  • Steps to connect to the database

  • Connectivity with MySQL

Java 8 Features

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  • Lambda Expressions for each statement

  • Java Stream API

Batch  will be Conducted by:

Nandini Paras - Technology Mentor

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Course Cost - Rs. 2400/-

Note: - For effective learning, we accommodate only 15 trainees.

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