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Colleges and Universities are striving to impart excellence in their students through various academic and non-academic programs. Beyond the capabilities and skills gained by the students through college education, students need to be aware of the rapidly evolving IT Industry Fresher requirements in order to be better prepared for their campus placement.

With our collective experience of three (3) decades in the IT Industry, we at Talent Sculptors have designed workshops that have proven to be a good mechanism to bring awareness of the IT Industry knowledge and practices to the students.

Our practically designed workshops enable the students to learn and be equipped for their campus placement and first IT job.

Talent Sculptors Recommendation

For better Interaction and Participation, we recommend and limit the number of participants per workshop to 35.


If the class size stretches beyond thirty-five (35), the students’ participation/interaction would be reduced and the workshop might slip into a lecturing mode.

When students are learning or getting exposed to new information, we believe they learn better if they participate, interact and engage in activities.

How we engage the students

The workshops are well structured and designed to engage the student senses and make them connect to the content that is being delivered. The activities, quiz and brainstorming techniques allow the student to visualize the environment and holistically gain the knowledge. The training material provided has references to other URL’s and text that students could use outside the classroom.


Eligible Participants

Any student who is aspiring for an IT career would benefit from attending our workshops. The workshops would add significant value to the following department students:

  • Computer Science & Engineering

  • Information Science & Engineering   

  • Electronic and Communication Engineering

Insight into IT Industry

Course Synopsis

At a high level, once the student completes the workshop, the student should be able to visualize and clearly understand the path, people, tools, standard operating processes and procedures involved in converting an idea/business opportunity/need into an end user usable application. The student would be able to envision the different roles involved in executing the software project successfully.

What you will learn

  1.   How an idea/need/business opportunity is born?

  2.   Business stakeholders, their roles and documentation involved in converting   into an Information Technology (IT) requirement.

  3.   Product development Vs IT services industry.

  4.   How business interacts with IT Department to get the work done?

  5.  UX & UI Significance – Process and Tools involved

  6.  Various IT stakeholders, their roles, processes, tools used and documentation     structure that is involved in executing and delivering the project.

  7.   IT project execution models.

  8.   Agile Methodology

  9.  Different types of projects in IT.

  10.   Visualize and imagine how the IT Industry functions

Course Synopsis

Self Awareness 

What you will learn

Through this workshop, educate the students on what they can expect from their

employer and in return what they need to give back for their own career growth. 

This activity-based workshop brings self-awareness to the student on who they are and provides tools that could be used for their own personal development. In a

nutshell, the student would be able to benchmark their existing knowledge against

what is expected in the IT Industry and create a unique path for their own growth.


 1. What can I expect from my IT Organization?

 2. What do I need to give back in return for my IT Organization growth?

 3. What traits do I need to embed in myself for my own career growth?



 1. Know your own reference point in order to measure yourself

 2. Three step plan for personality development.

 3. SWOT Analysis to create a plan for growth.

 4. Understand relationship with themselves and others - Johari Window model

 5. How to define a SMART Goal and tools to measure themselves?

 6. Personality development plan. Along with the worksheets.

 7. Tools to track, monitor and lead their own growth.

Learn about IT Job Roles and Designations

Course Synopsis

The workshop provides insight and brings awareness of the various departments functioning within the IT organization - along with the various IT jobs roles, functions and their identified responsibilities. By attending this workshop, the student would get a deep understanding of their future IT job environment. We believe, the student would have significant advantage by knowing this information upfront while studying in college.

What you will learn

  1. Structure of a medium/large IT organization.

  2. Various departments within an IT organization

  3.  IT jobs and their designation

  4. Various roles and responsibilities within IT

  5. Mandatory skillsets that are required to perform various roles.

  6. Map your strengths and skills to evaluate the job role that fits you well.

  7. Get a good understanding of the entire IT jobs ecosystem.

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